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All About Andy Snovak

August 1, 2009

By Alexis, age 16 Blackwell Cottage, Mills Home

Andy Snovak is a unique person. Before he became a child care worker for Baptist Children’s Homes, he was in the U.S. Air Force and served as a military policeman. He also was a fourth-grade school teacher and earned his teaching degree from UNC-Charlotte.

When Snovak was a teacher, he taught reading, mathematics and science. It was while he was a teacher that he decided to come to BCH.

Snovak was born October 3, 1977 to Maryann and Richard. The family lived in northeast Ohio where Snovak was raised. His mother Maryann was a homemaker and earned extra money as a seamstress. His father is a Vietnam War veteran and earned a living as a steel worker.

Snovak has fond memories of his childhood. His mother has always been close to him emotionally and has been a great support. He remembers his parents as being “very strict, but fair.”

Andy Snovak’s wife Amy was also a school teacher before the couple came to Mills Home in Thomasville. She taught kindergarten and first grade for eight years. The Snovaks came to Mills Home on June 15, 2006 and they care for the girls at Blackwell Cottage. The couple share child care responsibilities with Jack and Marisa Cahal – Amy’s parents. Amy and Andy have one child – two-year-old Caleb.

Snovak enjoys his job.

“I like working with the girls at Blackwell Cottage,” he says. “It is a ministry to me. There are not many jobs that are ministry, too.”

Days in Blackwell Cottage are routine. School days begin at 6:00 a.m. Breakfast and morning devotion is at 6:30. The bus arrives at 7:15 and the girls are outside ready for the bus as it pulls up in front of the cottage.

On summer days, the girls sleep in later. But everyone is expected to be awake, dressed and ready for the day by 9:00 a.m. There is breakfast, devotion and kitchen clean up.

They also share a variety of chores to help keep the cottage looking great.

The girls and the Snovaks enjoy a variety of summer activities. They go to the local Hi-Toms baseball games. There are also trips to the ice cream parlor. Snovak leads the way in the cottage creating great memories. There was one time when the cottage created a music video. The girls practiced the song and dressed up like “rock” stars.

Christmas is another highlight. The cottage is decorated and the girls enjoy very special treats. Last Christmas, they attended a production of the “Nutcracker.”

Andy Snovak is a great house parent. He cares for each girl in his and his wife’s care. They work hard to help meet each girl’s needs.

The girls in the cottage like Snovak. They describe him as “fun.” He is a person the girls in Blackwell Cottage can respect and admire. He is dedicated to “helping hurting children…healing broken families.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This feature story is written by Mills Home resident Alexis. Alexis is interested in becoming a journalist. The rising high school junior says writing is her favorite thing to do.

“I am able to be creative,” Alexis says. “I like writing because I am able to express myself and my feelings.”

Alexis is working on her goals and hopes to be reunited with her family.