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Stories - 2012 Archives

Travis Finds Hope!

"God has much better things in store for me." - Travis, Cameron Boys Camp resident. Travis and his family found hope Cameron Boys Camp - Baptist Children's Homes' unique residential camping ministry. His powerful story is the focus of the 2012 Annual Offering. Click to read Travis' story and watch his video. Through the offering, churches are sharing hope with N.C. children like Travis.

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Montay Focuses On Hopeful Future

It is heart-breaking for a child to realize that the one who should love him the most chooses a devotion to her addiction instead of a devotion to him. His mom’s energy is spent buying, selling and using drugs. Instead of preparing good meals to enjoy at the kitchen table, helping with homework right after school, or watching with her child a favorite television program, her hours are lost long into the night hustling on the streets or lying comatose on a ragged sofa in a filthy, run-down apartment. There is nothing left in her life for her son. He is alone.

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Kimani Stands Tall

Twelve-year-old Kimani only weighed 30 lbs. and wore size 3 toddler clothes when he first came to live at Baptist Children's Homes. He endured years of abuse and neglect. Today, Kimani is healthy and thriving at Broyhill Home in Clyde. He has accepted Christ as his Savior. His life is forever changed because of Baptist Children's Homes' faithful supporters! Video Extra! Click to view Kimani's powerful testimony.

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Travis Conquers Personal Pain

Unwanted and unloved – this is exactly how Travis felt. He spent his childhood believing his life was inconsequential to his parents. Instead of embracing their son, his mom and dad spent more time embracing their addictions. Cameron Boys Camp, BCH's residential wilderness program, has helped Travis find much-needed healing. Video Extra! Click to view Kimani's powerful testimony.

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Tramaine's Plans Center on God

Sometimes things just don’t happen the way you plan. Sometimes they do. Tramaine’s phone rings. It’s a friend. He listens. The friend needs a favor and Tramaine agrees to meet. The duo spend the afternoon planning every detail of the drug buy. . .

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Camp Duncan Gives Kelsey Hope

Kelsey says she showed little anger toward her father during the trial. Although his abuse had become unbearable, she was just glad it was over. After living nine years out of state, she was moving back to live with her mother. In North Carolina, then 13-year-old Kelsey was given a new start.

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