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Stories - 2007 Archives

Michael Excels At Oak Ranch

The sun settles behind the trees on the Oak Ranch property as the red and pink colors painting the sky fade to black. The boys living at the ranch tidy up the barn and make sure the horses are secure for the night. “Do you hear that?” child care worker David Vandy says looking towards the barn. He spots a cheerful Michael inside putting away a horse bridle. “Michael’s whistling again.”

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Tis the Season For Kindness and Generosity

Christmastime at Cameron Boys Camp is special. The ordinary “happy spirit” is even greater this time of year. There is a bountiful spirit of goodwill. “I was at Camp last year at Christmas,” sixteen-year-old Alex remembers.

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Julie’s Life Takes Dramatic Turn

A shaven head, facial piercings, dark, heavily applied make up, and a longing in her eyes – Julie was searching. The lifestyle she had chosen was dark, and she turned away from the love of her parents and the Christian faith she had been taught since she was a young child.

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Amanda Takes Aim At Lifelong Dream

Amanda grips her rifle tightly. The former Mills Home resident has been pushed to her limit during Army Basic Training at Fort Leonwood in Missouri. Exhausted, she remains focused, intent on passing the rifle qualification exercise.

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Tough Times Can't Hold Barbara Back

Monica Courtney’s phone rings. She answers the phone with a joyful greeting not realizing the severity of the caller’s needs. “Miss Monica, I’ve been in an accident,” Barbara whispers on the other end of the line. Monica leaves immediately and heads to the community hospital.

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Rob Shares Happiness With Everyone

The sun beams through the large glass windows at the Weaverville McDonald’s. A smile is on Rob’s face. He looks forward to this day every week. He is dressed in his work clothes and has his matching cap positioned just right. Rob clears a table and throws the trash away when a customer enters the door.

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Jessica's Faith Shines Through The Darkness

Jessica sits on the end of the sofa. The lamp on the side table illuminates the pages of her Bible. Her prayer journal and a pen rest on her lap. Preparing spiritually for her day is a priority for Jessica. “Every day I have my devotion time,” she says. “I read my Bible. I write in my prayer journal and pray.”

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Barbara Takes Swing At More Positive Life

The red dirt from the softball field rises to the air as she kicks home plate with her cleat. Barbara squares up to the pitcher and waits. The ball speeds at her, she swings and connects the ball with the aluminum bat. Clank! She releases the bat and it flies down the third base line. Her coach shakes his head.

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David’s World Grows Bigger At Odum Home

Recreation director Merlon Caple calls the boys together. The gym is loud. The other Odum Home residents and staff members are cheering the team. In the center of the huddle is seventeen-year-old David. The team was his idea.

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Andrew Learns Importance Of A Good Plan

Andrew steps outside into the cold wearing his heavy coat. Living at Cameron Boys Camp, he has learned the importance of being prepared. It is important to have the right boots and the right clothes when hiking long trails and camping out along the Appalachian Trail. He has learned more

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Brian Gives Best Effort Every Day

Adjusting to life at Baptist Children’s Homes’ (BCH) Davis House in Winston-Salem has gone smoothly for Brian.

“It’s nice,” he says. But he confides “I kind of miss Mom’s cooking.”

The Cary native lived with his mom and dad his entire life prior to moving to Davis House. His life at home was filled with love and attention.

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