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Stories - 2006 Archives

Alex Reaches New Heights And Sets Lofty Goals

Alex stands head and shoulders above everyone. The 17-year-old junior stands six feet and five inches tall, but it is not just his physical height that sets him apart from the other children at Mills Home in Thomasville. It is his character and determination to succeed that makes him a stand out.

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Overcoming Loss, Tracey’s Light Shines Bright

Tracey brings a small tattered picture from her room. She holds it in the palm of her hand afraid to damage it. Looking at the picture, she holds it close to her face.

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New Dunn Facility Is A Home, Not A Business

Vickie and the other residents of Harmony Home in Dunn are proud of where they live. The newest of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) residential facilities for developmentally disabled adults opened its doors in December 2005.

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Tyler’s Hard Work Pays Off As He Reaches Goals

The morning sun shines brightly on the Frontiersmen’s campsite. The camp group gathers to carry out the day’s first responsibilities.

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